About us

Siddhi designer tiles is one of the pioneer brand in designer tiles business since 1997.
Siddhi is all about the innovative and trendy design ideas which enhances the beauty of
living space be it a bathroom, kitchen or any other space in a home. It also emphasizes
the need of designer tiles solution in commercial spaces like restaurants, cafeteria,
club houses, common utility areas etc.

The obvious and favourite choice of designers and architects – Siddhi offers the unique
propositions of a variety of design portfolios in different sizes. This of course matches
with the contemporary, modern design ideas for various spaces. It gives freedom to architect/
designer to choose from the wide varieties / range of design in different popular sizes.
Siddhi is all about textures, surface finish, embossed with gold, platinum, silver, copper etc.
to give a rich feel to the ambience. The uniqueness and the exclusivity is the forte of
Siddhi since the inception of the company.

Design Edge

Passion to create trends and setting benchmarks has always been a driving force at Siddhi. The avant-garde team of designers work persistently on various aspects like concepts, colours, patterns and textures to create out-of-the-box designer surface solutions. In-depth understanding of consumer psychology and capacity to foresee & adept the changing trends,gives Siddhi creations a winning edge.

Research & Development

At Siddhi, Innovation is a passion and work mantra, keeping in sync with changing life styles and trends. A team of professionals are constantly exploring new patterns, colours, texture, materials, sizes and shapes of tiles.

The quest is not just to design new tiles but to also create an ambience that compliments the individual tastes of customers. This is accomplished through constant interaction with practising architects and interior designers.

Eco - System of Customisation

Siddhi designer tiles has developed a niche eco system of customisation of designs. Though the company has a wide range of design solutions, leading designers / architects always come up with their own unique design idea for their projects. These ideas are to be put into real tile design. The company happily becomes instrumental in realising novel design ideas by way of a dedicated professional team.

Quality Policy

Siddhi, devotes its human resource and technology to create superior products and services to exceed customer expectation. The capacity to achieve their goals has been derived through.


Surpassing customer`s aspirations by offering out-of-the-box design solutions matching global standards.


To create innovative ceramic surface solutions that adds aesthetic value to the environment.

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